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During painting the building, the exterior and interior are different and different colors are used as “facade paint” in exterior house painting.

Exterior house colours in exterior house painting

Acrylic paint:

Acrylic paint is one of the most popular paints for facades and other surfaces. Acrylic paint is more popular due to its high strength and durability, brightness and flexibility.

Acrylic resin:

Acrylic resins are based on water and oil. Odorless acrylic resin is harmless, resistant to the sun’s u.v. rays and has a hard surface. They can also be used on gypsum, cement and knauf surfaces.

Kenitex paint:

Kenitex paint is a facade paint based on water and oil. Two features of long life and moisture resistance make this color popular for facade painting.

Oil colour:

This paint is used for all exterior surfaces, especially fences, metal doors and windows. This paint is based on petroleum solvent and has good resistance to moisture. It is also washable. Of course, it also has a slight odor.

exterior painting colours

Pool colour:

This paint is used to cover the pool. It is resistant to moisture, antifungal and algae.

Epoxy Color:

Epoxy is another exterior house colour. Of course, this colour is mostly used in industrial parts. This color is used in homes and offices due to its high resistance to flooring.

Nano colour:

This paint is a suitable option for exterior painting due to its insulation and high quality against atmospheric factors.

Exterior house painting

exterior house colours in exterior painting is very important in beautifying the entrance of the house, neighborhood and even the texture of the city. There are different types of facade colors that are used according to the substrate material, the type of climate in the region and the tastes of the people. Be careful to get help from skilled people to execute the exterior house painting, in addition to provide the desired output, they will also offer you the best price for exterior painting.

Facade paint on cement

To apply the paint on the cement, it is better to make sure that the cement is dry before doing anything. Because cement needs to be dry and resistant to completely remove moisture to show the necessary efficiency. If you live in rainy and humid areas, using cement on the walls and exterior of the building is a good thing, but to beautify the facade, it is better to use colors that have good durability. The best suggestion for building facade paint in wet areas is acrylic paints.

Facade paint

Buildings in humid climates are covered with gabled and nocturnal surfaces, which are made of galvanized sheets or pottery. Although galvanized sheets are a bit old and have been replaced by pottery, you should use your own facade paint for each one.

Nano exterior house colours

Nano paint is one of the quality colors for building facades that has double capabilities that you will definitely be eager to use after hearing its advantages. Important properties of nano-paint include hydrophobicity, anti-dust, anti-pollution, heat and cold insulation, anti-stain, high strength and beauty of its structure. With nano paint, you will no longer worry about the discoloration of the building, and environmental pollution in metropolitan areas will not make buildings ugly.

Why do we use waterproof exterior house colours?

exterior house painting

The exterior of house is always directly exposed to weather conditions and will see the most damage compared to other colors. Therefore, choose the highest quality exterior house colours so that you do not need to paint the building every year. It is better to use waterproof, insulating, dustproof and durable paints in the facade of the building to enjoy its benefits over the years.

Acrylic colour are popular colors that are used all over the country with different climates and have shown positive and surprising performance.

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