Enjoy a Clean Roof Painting with Significantly less moss!


Roof painting can make your home look stunning again and increase its life up to 20 years. If you don’t like just the color of your roof without replacing everything, Roof Painting is the best choice. There are many companies which provide great roof services, but maybe with a long time. So using the best materials and work in a short time is rare.

How to paint a roof step-by-step?


If your roof is looking old, or you want to have a new roof, just giving it a fresh coat of paint is easier and cheaper than replacing the new roof. Just follow the steps:



  •  1: Choose your roof painting tools
  •  2: Choose your DIY roof paint
  •  3: Install safety equipment
  •  4: Clean and inspect the roof
  •  5: Prime the roof
  • Step 6: Apply two coats
  • Step 7: Seal the roof