Building painting, like any other profession, has its own complexities and tricks. The art of residential painting has evolved with the advancement of science and technology and is no longer considered a simple and mundane profession. The advanced colors, tools and techniques that have found their way into building painting have brought about special changes in this profession that only people who have acquired the necessary skills are able to make good use of special tools and techniques. If you want to know more about the house painting and the building painting and its delicacies, follow us to the end.

Things a painter does

When we look at the work of others from the outside, usually the good parts of that job and profession (such as good income, comfort, simplicity of work and other things) stand out in our imagination, but hardship, trouble, necessary skills are less visible to us, and we think that others are making money easily and only our job is hard and boring. Building painting is also one of those jobs that is very comfortable and does not require any special skills. But this is true as long as we do not experience it up close. Of course, simple painting and painting of doors and walls can be done by almost any ordinary person with a little searching on the Internet, but it certainly can not do the job like a professional painter clean and flawless.


A professional painter knows very well how to calculate the area of the walls of each room and accurately estimate the amount of paint used. A painter is familiar with new professional tools and knows how to use them. He is also familiar with other professions such as plastering, tiling and even decoration design, and it is necessary to use these skills in his work. The painter fills the joints and holes of the walls with plaster or putty to start the painting work of the building clean and perfect, so that the desired surface is smooth and uniform.

Needless to say, doing all these things requires precision and delicacy, and it may be necessary to use other tricks during the work that only a painter can find a solution for.

Building painter working hours

The working hours of building painters depend on the customer’s order and the type of work. When a building painter takes on a job, they are usually present full time and even on public holidays, and do not interrupt their work for no reason to complete the building painting project on time.

Building painting and interior decoration teams


If you are planning to make a fundamental change in your living environment, painting the building and changing the decoration is a great idea. By inquiring from those around you or through the internet, you can search for reputable building painting and interior decoration companies. The building painting and decoration teams offer a variety of services along with pictures of examples performed by the masters of this profession in virtual pages, which you can view and review their records, the necessary information about how to work, documents and skills. Get professional painters and make your choice with confidence.

A professional painter must undertake tasks such as infrastructure, preparation and all cleaning, and give a written warranty to the client to correct any deficiencies in case of dissatisfaction. It should also clearly specify all running costs and consumables for you.

Painting the facades of residential, office and commercial buildings


Facade painting is a very useful technique for renovating the look of a building. Due to the fact that the cost of painting the facade compared to other methods that can be used to change the exterior of a building, it will be very affordable, so painting the facade can be a good choice for renovating. Temperature changes, acid rain, dust, chemical pollutants and other similar reasons may change the appearance of the building that is not very pleasant to the occupants. Therefore, house painting and painting the facade can change the appearance of the building to our desired state and color to a large extent.

Building facade color features:

The color of the building facade should have the following characteristics:

  • Resistant to moisture and rain and fully washable.
  • Resistant to direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Solvent in water.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Do not absorb dust (antistatic).

Painting the facades of tall buildings and working at height is much more difficult and risky than painting indoors. Therefore, just because a building painter does not have enough experience to work at height, while it is very dangerous, it is likely to have the financial costs of re-painting, spilling paint and constantly dropping paint tools. While the building facade painter may encounter different surfaces such as cement, stone, brick, wood, etc., painting each of these levels requires different capabilities and work experience.

But if the height of the building is not very high or the roof of the building is gabled, we can use boards and scaffolding to paint the facade, in any case, observing safety principles should never be forgotten.


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