The house walls colors in building painting

Today, the color of the wall is one of the issues that may be very important for young couples in building painting, especially newlyweds. We put an article about the color of the walls for you on Opal Painting Professional’s website. Corridors have always been a place for people to enter or leave the house. If your hallway ends in the living room, it is recommended that you choose a dark color for the walls and ceiling of the hallway. In this case, when everyone crosses the dark corridor and enters the living room, faced with a larger living room than the real one. Today, House painting methods are more creative than before, so we can suggest the best one for your home.

house colors

If you want your house to look bigger than it is, we suggest using happy colors such as yellow, blue and green to paint the building. This will not only make the space look bigger, it will also have a positive effect on your mood. Be careful that excessive use of these colors can also have negative effects, so it is better to use the balance in the colors used in the walls of your home. If you think your house is small, you can consider one of the main walls of your house with darker colors than other walls. This is how this wall is the center of attention, and it seems that it is farther away from other walls, and with this simple task, you can make your house look bigger than usual. Another great trick to show the house bigger is to paint the building using a darker color on the roof. If you continue this color up to 20 to 35 cm of the wall, you will see that it will have a much greater impact on making your home look bigger. You can affect the color of your house wall by placing dark objects such as black lampshades on the sides of the house.

Building and house painting methods

What is the purpose of painting?

house painting methods

The most important goal is to create harmony between different colors in order to make the environment more beautiful. In fact, by painting your building, you try to create a proper harmony  between different colors around you. If you want to know more about house painting methods, don’t hesitate to follow steps:

How should we create this harmony?

First, we must pay attention to the fact that the painting of a building involves different stages:

  • Step 1: Cleaning is before the substructure.
  • Step 2: Substructure with plaster or putty
  • Step 3: Substructure with background color
  • Step 4: Staining with plastic putty or oil putty
  • Step 5: Painting the building with the selected color

wall painting

Choosing the right color that can create harmony and make the work more attractive is very difficult, but at the same time it shows the skill of the painter and the employer. If the painter is skilled in choosing the right color for the environment, several factors must be considered.

1) Lighting in that environment with special attention to the amount of sun exposure in different seasons.

2) Color of different accessories that are available in the workplace: For example, the color of the furniture in the house, the curtains, the refrigerator and kitchen appliances, the color of the doors, the building facade, the color of the homeowner’s favorite, cabinets and… .

3) Considering the financial strength and cost of the homeowner or employer

4) Arrangement of furniture: before choosing the right color, it is better to ask the homeowner where he intends to put the furniture.

With these points, you can create the right harmony in the painting of your building. A successful painter is someone who follows these steps.

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