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House painting can have a big impact on how comfortable we feel when we are in a room. If you know what color can change the way a space is seen, the subject becomes even more interesting to you. Colors can change our perception of the size and shape of the space. If you are looking to paint your home, do not miss this article.

What effect do colors have on your house?

Different painting colors and even different degrees of a color have different effects on the feeling and mood of the space. In general, light and cool colors like blue tend to look far away. Dark and warm colors like orange seem to be moving towards us. We can use the same concepts to make the space bigger or smaller, to transform the environment, to draw attention to the focal points and positive aspects of the space, as well as to cover and minimize the not-so-attractive features of an environment.

How to change the size of the space with house painting colors?

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If you have a large room where you do not feel comfortable, choose a darker color of the ceiling than the walls to make it look shorter and make the room more cozy. Conversely, if you have a closed space with short walls, the light color of the ceiling will make the height of the environment look taller, and as a result, the space will be much larger.

You can also create a sense of the sky in a space by painting the ceiling of that.

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How to make the room bigger?

Bright house painting colors make your eyes rotate around the space and make it look bigger. When you use different colors, the eye stops at the intersection of color changes and with the creation of the edge, the size of the space becomes clear. As a result, by creating this edge between the two colors, you can see the boundaries. But if the space is monochromatic, the borders are not visible and the space is seen continuously and uniformly.

What effect do dark colors have?

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Dark colors make the space cozy and attractive. Do not think that the dark colors make your rooms look like a cave. When the walls are dark and the decorations and frames are light, your eyes will notice the border between these colors, and if the space is small, this will increase the feeling of tightness of the space and make that appear smaller. However, if the frames do not attract attention, and they are also dark in color, the eye will spin in space and will not stop at the edges. As a result, because these boundaries are indistinguishable, space is cohesive and larger.

How to change the shape of the space?

If you have a narrow and elongated space, paint the end walls one or two degrees darker than the side walls to make it feel closer to you. In this way, the space changes from stretched to a square.

Also, if you have large and simple walls, it is better to divide the surfaces into several smaller parts for painting and use different house painting colors.

What effect does the striped pattern have?

Vertical corridors make space appear taller, and horizontal corridors make the environment more elongated.

Here are some tips to help you make your home feel better:

1) In small houses, color adjacent rooms: By doing this, the eye is constantly moving from one room to another, making the space appear larger.

2) Paint unattractive items:  Sometimes there are things in an environment that we hate to look at but can’t get rid of, such as heating vents or air conditioners.

3) If you have other angles and architectural features that you want to see less, color all surfaces:  It works very well for attics. Sometimes these features can be appealing.

To decorate a house, you can use color in different ways to highlight the positive features and fade or eliminate the undesirable ones. Define your goal of decorating your home with color. Be aware of the location of windows that how much natural light enters into the space.


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